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What is FinAfrica Partnership?

FinAfrica is a well-secured partnership company that guarantees prospective and active partners a profit margin of 3% - 4% interest on capital partnered on a monthly basis of a minimum duration of 6 (Six) months and a maximum of1 (One) year.

How secure are my funds?

Fin-Africa is registered under the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). Hence all partner’s funds are backed by insurance under Axa Mansard and AIICO insurance companies.

Do I get my money back?

Yes, you get your capital back at the end of the partnership duration.

What is the minimum partnership?

500,000 naira is the minimum partnership amount in Fin-Africa Partnership which attracts a 3% Return on Partnership monthly.

How does the Foreign Partnership work?

Foreign Partnership through FinAfrica avails new and existing partners the advantage to grow their funds via successful business operations in Asia and America. It also caters for intending partners outside the shores of Nigeria. This is where Finafrica opens her doors to accommodate interested global partners.

Can I partner in any foreign currency?

Yes, you can partner in any foreign currency of your choice, however foreign currency must correspond with the equivalent of the minimum partnership amount using the standard exchange rates.

How will my monthly returns be paid? (Foreign Partnership)

Monthly returns for foreign partnerships are also paid out in the same currency using the corresponding means of deposit. For instance, if a foreign partner deposits partnership capital in dollars via PayPal, his monthly return on partnership is paid out in dollars via PayPal.

What payment options are available for foreign Partnership?

Foreign currency deposits are accepted via Paypal, Domiciliary accounts, and instant transfers.

As a foreign partner, what are the least amount you can Partner with and the most amount?

What happens in the event of a collapse?

In a situation of the company collapsing, all partners would be paid through sales of the company's assets like the numerous real estates, executive rides, and a lot more. The insurance companies that the company is insured with would also do their part in paying damages to affected partners based on the preexisting conditions of insurance.

Who runs FinAfrica?

Fin Africa Partnership is owned/directed by the President/Chairman of Chinmark Group Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah and his dedicated workforce have been trained to implement business strategies in the most professional and elite manner.

Where is Finafrica and Chinmark Group located?

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Is FinAfrica a Registered Partnership?

Fin Africa as an arm of Chinmark Group is registered under Corporate Affairs Commission, in addition to this, Finafrica is insured under AIICO and AXA Mansard insurance companies.

How do I become a partner?


How is FinAfrica able to offer consistent returns?

With years of guaranteed sustainability in our business systems, FinAfrica helps partners to engage secured business options such as Real estate, construction, executive transportation, money lending (collateral-based loans), agriculture, logistics, and food services- these are the different business sectors the company engages in. These sectors are low and risk-free partnership options that yield returns for the company and the partner.

What rate of return do I earn on the available packages?

500,000 - 1.4Million = 3% monthly

1.5Million - 1.9Million = 3.5%

2Million - 2.9Million = 3.8%

3Million and above = 4 %

Can I accumulate my returns for the period of partnership?

Yes, Partners are allowed to accumulate their returns and request for the total payout after the agreed partnership duration. However, partners will have to indicate their decision to accumulate their returns via a handwritten document duly signed and submitted for reference purposes.

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