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Chinmark Group’s Growth plan through FinAfrica is the complete breakdown of the business operations, where partners are offered an opportunity to come into business with us and enjoy multiple financial benefits. FinAfrica avails new and existing partners the advantage to grow their funds via the services we offer.
Still wondering what businesses Chinmark Group engages in with Partner’s funds? Keep reading:
With years of sustainability in our business operations, Chinamrk Group has experienced massive expansion into profitable industries, these industries include:
Chinmark Farms, Chinmark Construction/Real Estate, Chinmark Loans, Chinmark Rides (Transportation), Chinmark Foods & Logistics. All of these and more are the major businesses Chinmark Group partakes in to guarantee prompt monthly payout of interests to partners.

Chinmark Farms:
Chinmark Group is highly committed to large scale commercial agro-production with an interest in crop and animal farming. Our focus is providing affordable and abundant food for the nation in the best quality available with proximity to consumers. We believe that agriculture is the future and the new gold mine. Partners can key into this vision by partnering directly into the Agriculture Growth Plan through Chinmark Farms.
Partners under this package are guaranteed a 3% monthly return on partnership (ROP)
Partnership deposits Chinmark Growth Plan through ChinmarkFarms ranges between:
₦500,000 – ₦1.499million with 3% (₦15,000 – ₦44,970) guaranteed returns monthly.

Chinmark Construction/Real Estate:
Asides construction services, Chinmark Group is also into real estate with properties under development and ready for sale in strategic locations across the country. Profits realized from this section of business are paid out to partners who key into it.
Worthy of note to state that Real Estate is a stable industry where depreciation is hardly experienced, thus with the high rate of turnover partners are assured of monthly returns through:
The Real Estate Growth Plan: Partners sign up with deposits ranging between ₦1.5million – ₦1.99million with 3.5% monthly return on partnership (₦45,000 – ₦59,700)

Chinmark Loans:
Our loan system is an airtight scheme that makes loans available to small and medium scale traders alongside corporate bodies in need of financial booster.
Our Interest on this loan is profit generating. Through these profits, we service our partner’s deposits with prompt payment of returns. High financial securities measures are undertaken via bankable collaterals to ensure that loans are repaid in due time, so partners funds are safe and secured.
Partnership through the Loans Growth Plan earns partners a 3.8% return on Partnership monthly. Partnership deposits ranges between ₦2million – 2.99million (₦76,000 – ₦113,620)

Chinmark Rides:
Traveling is one of the many actions that create adventures for humans, and there is no doubt that adventures are part of what makes life worth exploring.
With our available full options fleets located in different states around the country, we are on our way to becoming the top providers of convenient, safe and comfortable trips. It is with this in mind, that we open our doors to new partners through: The Transportation Growth plan.
Partnership deposits ranges from ₦3million – 3.99million for 4% monthly return on partnership (₦114,000 and 151,620)

Chinmark Foods and Logistics:
With two food outlets in Dubai (Chinmark Restaurant), a central food outlet in the heart of Surulere Lagos, and logistics businesses operating in Enugu, Owerri, Uyo and Lagos, a reliable partner you can trust to secure your funds in the growing industry of Food and e-commerce Logistics in Nigeria is Chinmark Group.
Individuals can key into this venture, we do the work, maintain all operations and administrative cost of the business while our partners take a seat at the table for Profit with Zero stress and hassles
Partnership Growth Plan in #ChinmarkFoods and Logistics deposits range from ₦4million and above for 4.2% monthly return on partnership (₦168,000 and above)

N.B: The minimum duration of partnership for any of the above Partnership category is 6months and maximum duration is 1year. The return on partnership (ROP) is paid in monthly while capital is paid back at the end of the Partnership duration.
Kindly note: The aforementioned, are subsidiaries of the Parent company – Chinmark Group and these are the businesses the company engages in to generate profit for our partners and ensure the security of their funds. All administration and operations are run carefully under the leadership and management of Dr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah (https://marksman.com.ng) and his team.
Would you like to come on board as a partner? Kindly contact: any of our Hotline here or visit www.chinmarkgroup.com to sign up today.


  • This means all these investment plans does not include the average Nigerian or salary earner who has 50-100k and wishes to invest it?

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